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Strapping | Banding

Strapping in all types and sizes. Explore our inclusive range of products for all scenarios. We also stock kits, tools and accessories.

Strapping, also known as banding is easy to use, efficient and reliable. There are various forms of strapping, each suited to a range of activities. 

Polypropylene and Polyester strapping are often used for general packaging purposes to help keep items together or for added security.

Steel banding is heavy-duty and used to restrain heavy loads during transit. 

Cord strapping is used with plastic buckles instead of metal seals and is an alternative approach to tying down heavy loads, irregularly shaped cargo and more precious materials (steel can cut or chew into products). 

It is important to note that each type of strapping must be used with the correct tools, seals/buckles, and machinery for the correct purpose/cargo. 

+ Stainless Steel Strapping & Tools


Stainless steel strapping is robust and ideal for corrosive type environments.

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+ Steel Strapping


Steel Strapping
From £99.00

Steel strapping still offers the highest level of tensile strength. Premium quality steel strapping is suitable for demanding applications where high strength and minimal stretch are required.

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+ Strapping Machine - TMS300 & TP202


The TP202 (open) and TMS300 (enclosed) strapping machines are one of the most efficient, easy to use and affordable strapping machines available.

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