Edge and Corner Protection

Corner and Edge Protection

Practical materials for protecting both edges and corners of products from becoming damaged during storage or when being moved or transported.

Sending out products via couriers is always a concern as you just never know how things will be handled at the stages within a journey. Even the most reputable and caring delivery services have accidents and bumps, so making sure your products and packages are both secure and protected is down to you. After all, having to pay for uplifts, return deliveries and worst case scenario - the possibility of a replacement product, is all additional costs you could incur and potentially prevent if your products were only properly protected.

So have a look at what we offer to help keep your items protected from corner to edge.

+ Cardboard Edge Protectors


Cardboard edge protectors offer effective protection to goods during transit or storage at an affordable price. They can be reused several times and are ideal for providing additional cushioing to any item with straight edges.

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