Permanent Markers, Art Pens, Liquid Chalk and White Board Markers

Marker Pens | Liquid Chalk

Marker pens in various forms and colours, chalk pens for pubs and restaurants writing on black boards. Diverse collection available for competitive prices!

We have a small and sweet collection of pens featuring permanent markers, liquid chalk (2 sizes available) which are perfect for restaurant or pub blackboards and whiteboard markers. If you are looking for a specific product not visible on our website, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

+ Dry Wipe Marker Pens


Dry Wipe Marker Pens
From £6.65

Non-permanent, easy wipe pens are great for writing temporary messages or information down. Ideally designed for whiteboards.

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+ Permanent Marker Pens


Permanent Marker Pens
From £0.90

Permanent markers are a practical tool for labelling products or certain materials. Be aware - It doesn't come off!

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+ Liquid Chalk Pens | Cleaner


Liquid chalk is a practical approach to writing on chalkboards, blackboards, whiteboards and glass surfaces. Various colours available.

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