Extensive Range of Polypropylene Tape

Polypropylene Tapes

Within these sub-categories you will find a range of Polypropylene Tapes which are proven throughout industry as economical and reliable. Polypropylene Tapes have sufficient strength for most applications whilst offering tremendous value for money.

All of our packaging tapes are ‘Pressure-Sensitive Tapes’ which literally means they are applied with some pressure to help adhesion. With varying attributes, each option of tape offers differing benefits and suitability – if you have any doubt as to which tape would best suit your application, please contact us for advice.

POLYPROPYLENE – Entry level tapes, the cheapest and most widely used tapes throughout industry globally. Alternative adhesives available such as acrylic or solvent. Available as a low noise version. Water resistant after application, good strength, resistant to changes in a wide temperature range .

+Coloured Polypropylene Low Noise Tape


Cost-effective range of coloured self-adhesive low-noise polypropylene tapes, offering consistent performance with a proven adhesive.

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+Acrylic Polypropylene Tapes - 25mu


Polypropylene tape with acrylic adhesive, for cost-effective manual sealing of non-critical cartons.

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+Hotmelt Polypropylene Tapes


Highly recommended mid-range tape option from well-known brands including 3M Scotch and Vibac.

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+Solvent Polypropylene Freezer Tape - 28mu


An aggressive solvent based adhesive packaging tape suitable for freezer, chiller, and coldstore environments.

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+Machine Length Tape - Hotmelt Polypropylene


A range of high quality, high performance polypropylene tapes for use with semi-automatic and automatic carton sealers.

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