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Flour / Mixes (Heygates Finest Quality)

Our pedigree flour and Ready Mix range is produced by the Masters at Heygates who have been around since the birth of the grain! They pride themselves in delivering flour that boasts consistency, excellence and overall value.

So may choices your head and taste buds could just explode! From delicious cake mixes to the very finest flour around, our collection of Heygates products will provide your baked goods with flour power!

Popular choices are:

  • Toffee Cake Mix
  • Carrot Cake Mix
  • Canadian Springs White or Wholemeal
  • French Baguette
  • Scone Mix

Each flour type has a detailed description on their individual page spec. This includes what each flour is ideally tailored for and what goes into each type.

Our cake mixes are (defining the obvious here) ready-made mixes to add and go. Carefully measured out into each bag to help ensure consistency and reliability in your baking, throughout each and every day.

+Heygates "HeyPresto" Scone Mix (10KG)


The traditional English scone has been rekindled with this delicious recipe from the masters at Heygates.

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+Heygates - Organic Flours (White / Wholemeal)


High quality flours designed from organic wheats to help create a wide range of organic based products.

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+Heygates - French Baguette Flour (16kg)


Flour specifically tailored for producing authentic French baguettes.

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+Heygates - Noram Wholemeal Flour (16kg)


This refined flour has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of the modern baker using no-time dough processes.

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+Heygates - Wholemeal Spelt Stoneground Flour (16kg)


Spelt flour is a fantastic wheat-free alternative which still provides sufficient taste, nutrients and all-round value.

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