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Bubble Wrap Packaging | Sealed Air

Our new platinum coloured bubble wrap features around 40% recycled content. We will steadily be replacing the normal stock with this more eco-friendly option.

Air-Cap Bubble Wrap is manufactured with an Air-Retention Barrier Seal which provides superior cushioning, reduced costs and longer-lasting protection, whilst offering a host of environmental benefits.

We always choose Sealed Air® Bubble Wrap®, but why?

We stock Sealed Air "AirCap" Bubble Wrap because we believe it to be the best bubble packaging solution on the market. We have tried various brands over the years and we have no doubt Sealed Air leads the way in terms of reliability, consistency and its overall reusability. Basically, it will actually protect your products both during transit and for an extended period of time in storage.

Not all Bubble Wraps are created equal...

Sealed Air allocates a huge budget to R&D resulting in them remaining at the forefront of protective packaging innovation. Their Barrier Bubble Wrap® technology creates superior cushioning protection for your products and retains the bubble thickness by over 25% duirng transit when compared to alternatives. 

View the shipping/durability cycle below:

Sealed Air®, Bubble Wrap® when compared to other brands during the cycle.


+ Bubble Wrap | Single Rolls


Individual rolls of bubble wrap are perfect for eBay sellers or people moving home. 300 - 900mm sizes.

View Product 13 Variations available
+ Bubble Wrap | Small Bubble


The 100m length rolls of Sealed Air Bubble Wrap are perfect for packaging a variety of household items and ideal for when moving house.

View Product 8 Variations available
+ Bubble Wrap | Large Bubble 25mm


Large sized bubble wrap offers a cost-effective protective packaging material for cushioning, packing or void fill purposes.

View Product 7 Variations available
+ Bubble Wrap | Extra-Large


Extra-large sized Bubble Wrap in various width rolls. For applications requiring a packaging material with robust durability and very high-performance cushioning properties.

View Product 6 Variations available
+ Perforated Bubble Wrap | Perf 350mm


Air-Cap small Bubble Wrap offers the same unrivalled Sealed Air performance as our standard rolls, with the added benefit of uniform tear-line perforations for easier application.

View Product 1 Variation available
+ Anti-Static Bubble Wrap | 100m Rolls


Bubble Wrap manufactured to protect sensitive electronic and electrical components being damaged from static electricity.

View Product 2 Variations available

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