Bubble Bags, Bubble Wrap Envelopes

Bubble Bags - Bubble Wrap Envelopes

Bubble Wrap bags are easy to use and offer moderate protection for small-medium sizes one-off goods.

Bubble bags are a highly effective, lightweight packaging product that offers convenient cushioning protection for fragile, delicate or valuable items. We have listed our most popular industry-standard sizes, however, we can supply bespoke bubble bags (or foam bags), so if you require a custom solution please contact us for free advice on 01209 204 777.

Bubble bags have many pros:

  • User-friendly.
  • Convenient and economical.
  • Practical and presentable.
  • Non-corrosive, moisture-resistant surface protection.
  • Provides cushioning.
  • Shock-absorption properties.

+Plain Lip Bubble Bags


Bubble Wrap bags made from premium material. Supplied without a self-seal strip, but still benefits from a plain-lip (flap).

View Product5 Variations available
+Self-Seal Bubble Bags


Full boxes of bubble bags made from premium material. Supplied with a self-seal strip, enabling a secure method of packaging products.

View Product7 Variations available
+Anti-Static Bubble Bags (Electronics)


Anti-Static Bubble Bags are designed for electrical components and computer hardware as they do not generate a static charge during use.

View Product7 Variations available

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