Film Front Bags for Food Use

Film Front Bags

Film front bags, sometimes referred to as clearface bags, have a multitude of uses in both food and non-food industries. The front of the bag is produced from a high clarity film, whilst the back is produced from a variety of materials, choose the one that best suits your application.

It’s clear to see that the main advantage of using Film Front bags is from a presentational viewpoint. They look attractive, emit a clean, hygienic feel, can store hot or cold food products and are available in a variety of sizes within each of our ranges.

Vegware - Compostable Film Front Bags - A favoured range featuring the trusted brand Vegware's 100% compostable bags. We stock the white glassine (grease resistant) bags which boast a NatureFlex window (manufactured from wood pulp).

We also stock the 100% recycled Kraft based "Bloomer" paper bag which could easily be used to package all sorts of food from cakes and pastries to sandwiches and cookies (popular option in fast-food chains). This product is lined with NatureFlex and feautures a compostable window. The entire bag is commercially compostable where accepted.

100% Biodegradable Film Front Bags - Brown Kraft bags featuring a 100% biodegradable paper backing and 100% biodegradable PLA film window.

Classic Film Front Bags - Our standard range of paper-based film front bags featuring different backings: white sulphite (cost-effective), brown Kraft (premium) and white pearlised (greaseproof). All of these feature PE film windows.

+ White Sulphite Film Front Bags


Paper-based bags featuring a clear plastic front.

View Product 9 Variations available
+ Brown Kraft Film Front Bags


Kraft window bags that are recyclable and food-safe.

View Product 2 Variations available
+ Biodegradable Film Front Bags


Environmentally friendly versions of the traditional film front bags, incorporating both an eco-friendly paper back and a biodegradable film front.

View Product 5 Variations available
+ Pearlised Film Front Bags


Premium food-safe window bags comprised completely of film.

View Product 4 Variations available
+ Vegware Hot Food Bags


Vegware Hot Food Bags
From £62.35

Eco-friendly greaseproof bags designed for hot food products.

View Product 2 Variations available
+ Vegware Kraft Window Bag


Plastic-free, eco-friendly greaseproof window bags for food products. Made from 100% recycled paper.

View Product 1 Variation available

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