Bags Suitable for Food Use

Food Bags - Plastic & Paper Bags

Extensive selection of paper bags, film front bags and specific requirement bags for various types of food and produce.

Everywhere you look these days, whether you are in a coffee shop, walking down the high-street or in your favourite takeaway there is sure to be a bag of some shape or form. And let's face it, how would we manage without them! They are light, cost-effective and even the cheapest grocery bag is re-useable on some level. Plus once you don't need it, bags can be stored away or disposed of easily.

Plastic bags provide protection against moisture and in most cases have the option of being clear, which can be essential for aesthetic, functional or safety reasons. Plastic bags can be easily adapted to an existing brand and can play a significant role in company exposure and brand recognition awareness. There are so many options: black logo on coloured, clear or white bag, full colour logo, or simply a plain bag in your brands colour/s.

The assortment of styles and strengths also means they can be tailored to each customer’s needs which helps influence customer satisfaction, a company’s reputation and can save money by helping to reduce waste (no oversized or undersized bags). For example your typical grocery bag is cheap and cheerful but has limited strength but, branch into the patch handle or our stronger variable gauge bags and you get a higher quality finish with enhanced performance.

+ Paper Sacks


Paper Sacks
From £22.50

Strong 2ply and 3ply paper sacks with sewn bottoms and side gussets.

View Product 4 Variations available
+ Potato Bags | Pre-Printed Plastic Sacks


Plastic Potato Sacks
From £24.44

Clear polythene bags for supplying potatoes in.

View Product 4 Variations available
+ Food Bags | HDPE Counter Bags


Food-safe bags designed for safely packaging food products.

View Product 4 Variations available
+ Sweet Cones | Plastic Candy Cone Bags


Clear plastic cone-shaped bags designed for wrapping up sweets in a fun manner.

View Product 2 Variations available
+ Polythene Bags LDPE 120g (30mic)


Lightweight, clear polythene bags are so versatile and cost-effective.

View Product 15 Variations available
+ Polythene Bags LDPE 200g (50mic)


Clear Poly bags made from LDPE with a medium 200g (50mic) thickness.

View Product 6 Variations available
+ Heavy Duty Poly Bags LDPE 250g (62mic)


Mid-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These medium duty bags are suitable for a huge array of bagging tasks where a more substantial bag is required.

View Product 14 Variations available
+ Heavy Duty Polythene Bags LDPE 500g (125mic)


Heavy-weight, clear polythene bags in a selection of sizes. These heavy duty bags are suitable for a huge diversity of bagging tasks where strength and durability are paramount.

View Product 13 Variations available
+ High Tensile Poly Bags


High Tensile Poly Bags
From £24.55

30% Recycled high-strength bags available in white or blue. Suitable for direct contact with food.

View Product 10 Variations available
+ Clear Display Bags | Gusseted Bag


Gusseted Display Bags
From £30.00

Gusseted polypropylene bags are manufactured in the UK from 40mu high-clarity film.

View Product 8 Variations available
+ Block Bottom Display Bags


Clear Polypropylene display bags with a tailored block bottom and optional card base. Provides extra stability so bags can remain upright when displayed or stored.

View Product 1 Variation available

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