Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

Kraft Paper Rolls | Pure or Imitation | Waxed or Bleached

Brown Kraft wrapping papers are a traditional form of packaging which is still very popular today. All our Kraft papers are environmentally friendly, being reusable, recyclable and degradable (and the Imitation Kraft is produced from recycled paper) thus enhancing your green credentials.

The name of this paper packaging material derives from the German word 'Kraft' which literally means 'strong', giving an indication of the type of paper the Kraft process produces!

We offer pure Kraft papers or imitation Kraft paper – the difference is that whereas pure is made from virgin wood pulp, the imitation is produced from recycled paper fibres. Pure kraft paper is a premium product as opposed to the more cost-effective imitation Kraft paper, but in truth, most uninitiated people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Pure Kraft paper offers higher strength and durability, and has a more appealing finish; the imitation Kraft paper is more economical and yet still offers a good degree of strength and functionality.

In addition to being a versatile wrapping material, these Kraft papers lend themselves to interleaving, void filling, surface protection and gift wrapping, with pure Kraft paper being particularly appealing for this purpose.

So whether you prefer Pure class or a Krafty Imitation these brown wrapping papers offer reliable, consistent performance at reasonable prices.

+ Pure Kraft Paper Rolls


Manufactured from pure virgin wood pulp, this premium pure Kraft paper has higher strength & durability and has an attractive finish.

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+ Imitation Kraft Paper Rolls - Economical Wrapping Paper


Manufactured from recycled paper fibres, it has a lower burst strength than Pure Kraft, but is more cost-effective and remains a popular option as it is perfectly adequate for most applications.

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+ Kraft Union Paper - Waterproofing | Bitumen


Kraft Union Paper
From £109.50

1800mm Union Kraft paper can be used where water or wind proofing is required.

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+ Waxed Kraft Paper


Waxed Kraft Paper
From £28.95

Highly suited to the wrapping of engineered and machinery parts for storage or transit as this paper will act as a corrosion inhibitor.

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+ Pure Ribbed Kraft Sheets


High quality Kraft paper pre-cut into reams of 250 sheets.

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+ Imitation Kraft Paper Sheets


Imitation Kraft Sheets
From £65.00

Kraft paper supplied in reams of 240 sheets per pack.

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